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What an ideal landlord should be

‘Like attracts like’ as the old saying about relationship chemistry goes. But did you know it doesn’t only apply to romance? In real estate, good landlords equal good tenants and vice versa. When a landlord has Santa Rosa apartments for rent but has trouble finding or holding tenants, they may want to reconsider their tactics. Thankfully there are some tried and true guidelines for being a great landlord which will help them to fill their Sonoma County property rentals.

  1. Keep on top of repairs

    This is one of the main issues that people will raise when talking about a shoddy landlord, and a sure sign that someone is in it for easy money without putting the effort in. When physical issues with a property arise, they should be addressed quickly and professionally.

    A good landlord will visit the property (after arranging an appropriate date and time with tenants) and inspect any damages. Once the issue is confirmed, professional repairs should be scheduled as soon as possible.

  2. Proper communication

    Again, this doesn’t only apply to relationships. Open and straightforward communication with tenants is essential. A landlord should be easily accessible to their tenants, and this should include at least one phone number (some provide two, personal and professional) as well as an email address. Outside of phone calls, tenants should receive a text/email response within the same day. In cases of emergency, they should know they can get in touch during the night.

  3. Be Professional

    It should go without saying! Owning properties is like owning a business, and maintaining a professional demeanor and relationship with tenants is key. After all, in a business environment, they are the landlord’s clients. Remember that a secure living situation is one of the most important components of a person’s life, so they want to know that the ship is running smoothly.

    And while it can be tempting to be buddies with tenants, a landlord should maintain a mostly professional relationship. Of course, it’s ideal to be on good terms, but extending that line into friendships can often backfire and make the job more difficult.

  4. Stay Organized

    The organization is an offshoot of professionalism and is essential in managing properties. A landlord should manage every aspect of a property with pragmatism and efficiency. Keep on top of repairs, respond to any and all queries or concerns, track all details pertaining to the property, be diligent with bookkeeping.

    One good method of organization for landlords is to keep electronic records. They can make copies of all communication, lease contracts, any documents related to the property. These can then be sent to tenants, which will also help them to stay organized.

  5. Try to be kind

    Too many landlords often see their tenants as cash cows and treat them as such. They are human beings, and the best landlords will treat them accordingly with consideration and empathy. There are many difficulties in life, and keeping this in mind when tenants are running late on rent or having personal issues will do wonders for landlord/tenant relationships.

While this should still be exercised with discretion, a kind and understanding landlord is an attractive prospect and will go far in encouraging people to extend and renew their leases. For professional advice, you can get in touch with a top realtor like Brad Wilkinson. Call him on 707.799.0455, or you can send through an email to Brad(dotted)Wilkinson(at)cbnorcal(dotted)com.