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The 5 Guide for 5 Summer Sellers

Every family in Sonoma County is navigating through times as many resources are taken away from their lives. But there is one thing you do have a lot of right now – TIME. What you choose to do with your time now can turn into REAL dollars later on. I’m looking for 5 Summer Sellers. 5 people who know, once the economy opens back up this summer, they need to sell their house. Is that you? I’m making an offer no other Realtor will – I’m paying for all inspections for my 5 Summer Sellers. That’s $1000 each. On me.

Below is my list of 5 things (with a bonus!) that you can do RIGHT NOW during this crisis to get your house ready to sell. And if you’re ready to join my group of 5 Summer Sellers and get all your inspections FREE, sign up below.

5 Tips to get your place ready to sell:

1. Landscaping

Some new plants and a bag of mulch go a long way, showing that you care for the yard and the curb appeal adds value to not only your place but the neighborhood. Easy things that don’t cost: mow the lawn, pull weeds, trim back any hedges, rake up leaves, prune any flowers or plants, trim the trees back.

2. Start Moving, Now

If you’re going to be selling your house, that also means you’re going to be moving to your next house.  Believe it or not, many people pay more than they need to in moving costs because they move items they no longer need or have grown out of.  But they often find themselves in such a rush to move once a deal has closed that they don’t have the time to sort through long-held items.  Time is the one thing you DO have now, so start the serious work of sorting through ALL your stuff.  You’ll inevitably find items that you can clean out, I’ve had clients decrease their clutter by as much as 30%.  Some items might even hold enough value for re-sale for a little side cash.  Plus a serious sorting of your stuff will have the added benefit of cleaning your house, making it even more sellable.

3. Re-arrange furniture (Re-design!)

Play around with some different options, try out that different arrangement you had thought of. A simple re-arranging of furniture can make a room look way bigger! If you have any stored art work you’ve thought of hanging now would be the time to do so!

4. Deep Cleaning

Deep clean the entire house, baseboards, door jams, windows (sill and screens too), get scuffs off the walls, patch up any holes, do some touch up painting if needed and if you have any paint. The cleaner the look and feel the more value added.

5. Health & Safety Check

Make sure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and working, check the braces on the water heater, inspect sinks and plumbing for any leaks. Fix any leaks or damaged caused from that. Clean out the dryer vent and check the water hoses on the washer. Inspect all doors and locks, make sure all locks are functioning and have corresponding keys.

6. Any Over-Due Fixes? *BONUS*

Things that you’ve put off over the last few months? Tighten up the handles on cabinets and drawers and make sure they work. WD40 any squeaky doors or sticky drawers. Fix that floor board you’ve been putting off. You have the time to do it now and it will be worth it in the long run!

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