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Bryce McChinak

Bryce  McChinak
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    Bryce McChinak, born and raised in Sonoma County, CA. Bryce is a compassionate, composed, outdoorsy, family man, with a unique passion for real estate.

    During Bryce’s formative years, sports, fishing, and friends were at the forefront of Bryce’s priorities. Playing football and baseball at Cardinal Newman High School during the week, and adventuring around the county with his buddies during the weekend.

    From there, Bryce attended Cal Poly SLO, from which he received Dean’s Honor List recognition, with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business.

    From the time Bryce was a teenager, to present, he has worked construction with his Dad. From dirt to door knob, he knows what it takes to build a home. With his developed knowledge, understanding, and experience in the construction industry, he can provide expert guidance in regards to renovations, developments, estimates, and all things relative to construction.

    Bryce also has extensive knowledge of fireplaces and chimneys! For a full year, Bryce inspected and cleaned hundreds of chimneys as a certified fireplace technician.

    With his Dad owning and operating a successful construction company (McChinak Inc.), his older brother being an expert loan officer in the area, and his younger brother being a successful real estate agent, Bryce has seen his way around the real estate industry for many years.

    Bryce is heavily networked in the real estate investment world, having worked with many investors throughout the nation. He has racked up thousands of hours in experience underwriting deals, comping, structuring deals, negotiating, etc.

    Additionally, Bryce is an expert in creative finance. With vast knowledge and experience with seller finance, subject-to, and many other forms of creative financing, he understands how to utilize creative methods in order to get you in a home, or get your home sold.

    Whether you are an investor looking to partner up with a young and rising force in the scene, an individual looking to buy a home, or a homeowner looking to sell, Bryce’s unique skills, broad experience, and true passion for real estate, will provide unparalleled value to you.